Task List


  1. Buy Wing kit


  1. Fill rivets
  2. Wire Strobe light to molex connector
  3. Install Trim servo in Elevator
  4. Install control rod between trim tab and trim servo
  5. Wire Trim servo to molex connector


  1. Replace locking nuts with castle nuts and drilled bolts in rudder pedal assembly – DONE
  2. Install stop collars on short elevator control tubes – DONE
  3. Install Garmin pitch servo – DONE
  4. Install Garmin roll servo – DONE
  5. Wire connectors for servos – DONE
  6. Install flap motor – DONE
  7. Install edge grommet on ANG-010 and CHL-038L and R for front seat belts – DONE
  8. Make 27mm spacers for main spar and install into main spar – DONE
  9. Fit bushings to rudder pedal tubes to minimize rubbing of brake lines – DONE
  10. Install (4) 22AWG-2 and (3) 22AWG-3 from instrument panel to glove box (for lemo headset jacks) – DONE
  11. Install RG400 from instrument panel to main spar area for transponder antenna – DONE
  12. Assemble Rear Fuselage (don’t install top skins) – DONE
  13. Install magnetometer bracket in rear fuselage – DONE
  14. Install rudder cable guide in rear fuselage – DONE
  15. Install backing plate for com2 antenna – DONE (HOLES TO BE DRILLED LATER)
  16. Install M5 Rivnuts and bolts for rudder cable return springs – DONE
  17. Cleco rear fuselage section to center fuselage – DONE
  18. Check alignment of fuselage joint with rear fuselage – DONE
  19. Ream holes where fuselage joins to 4mm – DONE
  20. Drill missing holes in 006 ribs for 701 longerons – DONE
  21. Cleco sides of center fuselage – DONE
  22. Rivet rear fuselage to center fuselage where applicable – DONE
  23. Install long elevator control rod in rear fuselage – DONE
  24. Install control rods for pitch and roll servos – DONE
  25. Make new Longeron 303 – DONE
  26. Install Longeron 303 – DONE
  27. Install 22AWG-2 (RS-485) and 22AWG-3 (RS-232, pwr, gnd) from instrument panel to magnetometer location – DONE
  28. Install static ports and tubing (rib5? to instrument panel) (see finishing manual between pg5 and 6) – DONE
  29. Install RG400, 22AWG-2(trim motor), and 22AWG-3 (trim pos), 18AWG-3 (nav/pos/strobe), 18AWG (strobe gnd) from instrument panel to tail cone for strobe/nav light, elev. trim, VOR antenna – DONE
  30. Install 22AWG-2 (remote sw). 22AWG-1 (RS-232)  from instrument panel to ELT location – DONE
  31. Install RG400 from instrument panel to rib 4 for COM 1 antenna – DONE
  32. Install RG400 from instrument panel to rib 4 for COM 2 antenna – DONE
  33. Install rudder cables through center fuselage – DONE
  34. Soundproof rear bulkhead – DONE
  35. Soundproof interior side of firewall – DONE
  36. Installed rear bulkhead – DONE
  37. Soundproof luggage floor – DONE
  38. Install luggage floor, support brackets and luggage channel (CF-CHL-040) – DONE
  39. Get Rocket cover – DONE
  40. Remove protective film for rivet areas on fuselage side skins and clean – DONE
  41. Review Sling4 Electrics Manual 3.4 (Between Pages 26a and 26b) for com 1 antenna mount strengthening… new parts??? (RF-ANG-020-C-C) – DONE
  42. Make spacer for new com 1 antenna mount – DONE
  43. Prep top rear fuselage skins, new com1 antenna mount, and spacer – DONE
  44. Install top rear fuselage skins (seam one skin, see Peter’s build log) – DONE
  45. Finish joining rear to front fuselage sections – DONE
  46. Install parachute box – DONE
  47. Prep luggage door parts – DONE
  48. Install luggage door – DONE
  49. Finish rear seat – STARTED (NEED TO PAINT)
  50. Finish front seat – STARTED (NEED TO PAINT)
  51. Drill holes in top of longeron 303
  52. Rivet center fuselage sides
  53. Install (2) 18AWG (lights/strobe gnd), (2) 20AWG (lights), 18AWG-3 (nav/pos/strobe), 22AWG-2 (fuel sender), 12AWG (pitot gnd) and 12AWG (pitot) from instrument panel to left wing for fuel sender, strobe/nav lights, tax/landing lights, and pitot heat terminate at Molex 150MX connector
  54. Install (2) 18AWG (lights/strobe gnd), (2) 20AWG (lights), 18AWG-3 (nav/pos/strobe), and 22AWG-2 (fuel sender) from instrument panel to right wing for fuel sender, strobe/nav lights, tax/landing lights terminate at Molex 150MX connector
  55. Install front seat belt cam and strap
  56. Fill rivets in fuselage
  57. Buy undercarriage Kit
  58. Landing gear assembly/install
  59. Install engine mount bottom bolts
  60. Connect rudder pedals to front gear
  61. Install ADS-B antenna
  62. Install Com1/2 antennas
  63. Where to put GPS antennas (under cowling?)… Verify Garmin GA35 antenna fits in TAF supplied Gamin antenna mounts
  64. Buy Upholstery
  65. Cover glove box
  66. Install glove box
  67. Buy/Install four Lemo jacks in glove box bottom
  68. Install inner seat rails
  69. Install fittings on brake lines for line between pedals and parking brake
  70. Cover center console skins
  71. Install front seat belt buckles
  72. Install cushions on seats
  73. Buy Canopy kit
  74. Install canopy
  75. Install parachute cabling between rear spar and firewall
  76. Install engine mount top bolts
  77. Install inside front fuselage skins
  78. Install bracket for ELT antenna (CF-ANG-052-X-C)
  79. Buy Firewall Forward kit
  80. Install firewall forward components
  81. Buy Engine
  82. Install engine
  83. Install hoses
  84. Run electrical to sensors
  85. Run electrical to alternator, battery, battery contractor, master relay, etc
  86. Run fuel lines (see Fuel System manual)
  87. Run brake lines from brake reservoir to Y fitting
  88. Run brake lines from parking brake switch to wheels
  89. Buy Instrument Panel kit
  90. Buy Avionics
  91. Buy/Install ELT under rear seat
  92. Register ELT
  93. Install Avionics
  94. Wire runs to avionics
  95. Attach empennage
  96. Attach wings
  97. Install pushrods
  98. Attach Rudder to Vertical Stabilizer
  99. Attach Elevator to Horizontal Stabilizer
  100. Rig

Parts to order


Summit Racing

Aircraft Spruce

  • Ray Allen T2-7 trim servo
  • Com1/2 Antenna
  • Tosten Mfg CS-8 Aircraft Grip
  • Rami ADS-B Antenna (RAMI AV-22)
  • GPS1/2 Garmin GA-35 antennas
  • (4) Lemo jacks – prewired