Misc Rear Fuselage Work

Time: 2.5 hrs

Things done today:

  • Installed M5 rivnuts on bracket for rudder spring bolts and drilled out missing 3.2mm rivet holes in Ribs 006 L&R
  • Ran cabling for magnetometer
  • Ran cabling for com 1 & 2 antennas

M5 rivnuts and 3.2mm rivets installed. The tensioning springs for the rudder will attach to the bolts here. I noticed that the adjusting screws (you can see the threads of them sticking out from the #2 rib in the middle of the photo) that help tighten the sheathing part of the rudder cables hit the elevator control horn if you leave them unscrewed too far. It seems better having them screwed in more toward the rib as seen in the photo.

Ran 22AWG-2 and 22AWG-3 to where the magnetometer will be mounted. I will probably drill a few small holes in the longeron so I can put some cable ties in to hold the cable. I also ran the com 1 & 2 RG400 cables. I’ll take a photo later once I get them permanently installed.