Rear Spar

Time: 4 hrs

Finally got to do some riveting on the wings. I finished up most of the rivets on the rear spar, but still need to rivet the larger 4.8 rivets. I want to wait on riveting these ribs because I need to make sure the holes are large enough for the wiring, just in case I have to widen the holes. Everything went fairly well, I needed to up a few hole sizes and had a few alignment issues, but over all not too bad. The manual shows to rivet the skin support channel onto the rear spar first, but it seemed like it would be difficult to rivet the ends of the ribs so I decided to do the trailing edge of the ribs first and then fit and rivet the support channel. That seemed to work well.

I also fit the AN3 bolts on ribs 12 and 13 and will tighten them later. The manual says to fit them with AN3 bolts but not the size so I just matched the existing bolts which appear to be AN3-14A with a thin washer on the head side and a thick on the nut side.

Rear spar mostly done with the trailing edge of the ribs and skin support channel riveted. All the rivets are done from this side.

This is a photo of ribs 12 and 13. The top and bottom holes of these ribs are fitted with AN3 bolts to continue the row of bolts used to hold the spar together.