Rear Canopy Windows Install (Part 1)

Time: 0.5hrs

Prepped the rear window opening for the window install. I used some flexible 1/2″ masking tape for the inside and a wide tape on the outside. For the outside I found it works best to sand the masking tape along the edge of the opening with some 120 grit sand paper. This left a fairly smooth and straight line to the opening. The inside of the window itself will need to be masked as well once it has been cut to fit.

window opening is all masked off to protect it from the Sika. I also smoothed out and removed and bumps from the fiberglass area where the window will sit. I’ll need to rough it up with 80 grit and then clean and prime with the Sika products.

The window is fit on top of the opening. It’s oversized so it doesn’t fit into the opening yet. I marked the outline of where I need to cut with a sharpie… approximately anyways. I’m really nervous about cutting the plexiglass, it’s pretty easy to crack it.