Firewall Forward Work Continued

TIme: 3hrs

I had a productive day today getting a few things done on the engine. I worked on putting together the exhaust shroud for the heater and also finished up the radiator/oil cooler bracket. The exhaust shroud needed all the holes drilled in the large clamps that hold the shroud cover onto the exhaust. There’s quite a few holes that need to be drilled, but once you get set up it goes along quickly. I used RTV to seal up the mating surfaces and also filled the area where the inlet and outlet tubes attach to the shroud. I’m waiting on the bolts and a longer tube for the front (the one I had was too short to reach past the cowling.

On the radiator/oil cooler mount I just needed to install the cam locks. I’ve been getting the hardware from Skybolt. I purchased a simple non adjustable, non floating receptacle and had a few of the -6 length studs already. I just need to put some kind of rubber on the part that presses against the oil cooler so it doesn’t wear and scratch the cooler.

Oh yeah and also my Andair fuel check valves came in so I test fit them into the fuel pump assembly. It’s tight but they fit. I had to order these from Andair in the UK since they seem to be the only ones that have the check valves with the 5/16″ hose barb.

All the holes drilled in the exhaust shroud. The last row of holes needs to be after it’s fitted onto the exhaust when the clamps have been tightened. TAF supplies stainless steel rivets with a steel mandrel to use on the shroud.

A few photos of the shroud installed on the exhaust. I order some 1.5″ (0.065 wall) anodized aluminum tube for the front inlet. I needed a bit longer tube so that it will stick out from the cowling (will need to cut a hole in the cowling for that) Also to get the shroud on I had to remove the bracket that attaches to the exhaust. You just need to remove one of the engine mount bolts and an M10 Allen screw to get the bracket off.

Radiator and oil cooler brackets are done. I had to modify the camloc receptacle a little so that it would fit flat on the bracket. I just had to file one edge a bit.

Well it all fits. The sides of the box bow out slightly, but should be fine. And yes I know I have the fuel pumps reversed (I think I have the check valves in the right direction, but I’ll check it out before I install them). It seems like they fit better in the box this way and the box is labelled “in” and “out” so I wanted to make it so the labels are accurate. It shouldn’t really affect the hose braided lines.

Engine Arrived

Today I picked up my Rotax 914UL2 from Torrance TAF. The engine only weighs around 100lbs. so it wasn’t too bad getting it on and off the truck. It was good to have some help though, so thank you to those that helped: (The loading crew) Vince L, Matt L, and the guy wanting to buy a Sling 2, (the unloading crew)┬áDavid K, my wife, and my daughter.

After figuring out what came with the engine I have some things I need to figure out. I didn’t buy the full firewall forward kit from TAF so I now need to make or buy a few parts. I thought that maybe I would get a some plumbing and a nicer mount for the fuel pumps, also I’ll need an exhaust pipe and a few brackets for mounting the ambient pressure sensor and TCU (which I knew I would need). Also I need to get the oil and water coolers which I knew didn’t come with the engine.

So at this point I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed. There is now a ton of stuff that needs to get done and figured out. But its good to have some things to work on again.

Here’s a few photos of the unpacking.

Well at least they threw in some oil ­čÖé

Contents of the “loose parts box” (Losteilekarton): round-neck nut set M8, regulator for internal generator, 2 pin connector w/ pins, wire with connector attached, starter solenoid, and a banjo bolt for the oil canister overflow

I need to figure out what the connector and the wire with connector is for.

Fuel pumps box: 2 Pierburg fuel pumps, 2 Edel clamps, 4 small hose clamps and some mounting screws.

I was hoping that there would be some plumbing tubes, etc and a nicer mounting option, but I guess that’s why TAF supplies those in their kit. I found that the 912 has a nice mounting box and plumbing w/ check valves, etc but I can’t seem to find where to buy just those items. I can buy the box from California Power Systems, but it seems like you have to purchase the whole pump assembly to get the mount and plumbing parts and that’s around $1300. I can always get the TAF one, but I wanted to try to use -6AN connections through out so I can use stainless steel braided hoses and nit have to replace them every 5 years (as per Rotax). So I will try to cobble together some fittings and see what I can come up with.

The oil tank and most importantly Rotes stickers…. YAY!!!!!!!!

I also purchased the external alternator. This thing is pretty tiny. The alternator came with all the parts to mount and attach it to the engine so once the engine is mounted I’ll get this on the engine.

The TCU and servo come in a box with some wire and cabling attached to the engine. The ┬ácable to the servo is surprisingly short. I wanted to mount it on the cabin side of the firewall, but that might be difficult. I have to wait to get the engine installed anyways because I don’t want to disconnect the cable now. The wire fro the TCU to ambient pressure sensor is also very short… only around 1 foot long so it really needs to be mounted close to the TCU.