Horizontal Stabilizer Finalized

Time: 1.5 hrs

Today I checked to make sure the HS was completely straight. I was wondering how I was going to check this. Thinking maybe of using a laser level or make some kind of apparatus like a water level of something, but then there is was on Peter V’s site. Just hang it by the hinges and the use plumb lines down each of the ends… so easy. Anyways the HS checked out to be straight with no visible twists so now when I get the elevator skin I can clamp it to the HS and rivet the skin on and hopefully all will line up nice.

After checking for straightness I just sanded the rivets and pinned the short wire from the tail cone area through the HS to connect to the elevator of the pitch trim servo. The receptacles of the CFC connectors are back ordered so I’ll just have to install that when they come in, but besides that I think the HS is good now.

Rivets all filled and pins on the receptacle side of the wire.

The other rend of the wire with the connector on… might need to add a lightening wire bracket here, but I’ll see when I have the elevator on.

Vertical Stabilizer and Rudder Finalized

Time: 3.5 hrs

Today I finished sanding the rivets on the rudder and VS. I also finished up the Wiring for the connectors that attach the strobe/nav light through to the tail cone. The VS and rudder are now done. I also took a look into the poor alignment of the elevator and HS. I was pretty careful when I built the HS to make sure the ends  were level, but I guess I wasn’t careful enough. From the look of it one end it about 0.7 degrees off from level. That may be why the elevator was off. After a bit of deriveting and reriveting I managed to get it to 0.2 degrees.


Right side level

While left side is off a bit. 

Got it to 0.2

Strobe connector wired up. 

Strobe connected to the rest of the wiring. 

Strobe mounted and all wiring/connectors fit fine inside. 

Rudder with rivets filled, sanded and connectors done. 

Elevator Issues

Time 2.5 hrs

Today I wanted to just check that the empennage fit the fuselage correctly and all components lined up. The idea was to check them, fill and sand the rivets and finish up the wiring so I can call it done (well minus the pitch trim in the HS for now). Well I mounted the HS on the fuselage which went fine. I then attached the elevator to the HS… ah that didn’t go so well. The ends of the elevator were a little off from the HS. I was hoping I could fix it by removing a few rivets then clamp it and rerivet. No such luck. I worked for a while and was able to get it so it was not about 1/8″ off which I was almost was going to say was good enough, but I really wanted to get it perfect. I twisted it a little more to see if I could get the frame to move a bit more under the skin and I guess I pulled a little too hard. The skin bent at the trailing edge (will have to get a photo). Well I think TAF has a skin in Torrance so hopefully it’s only a week or so set back, I’ve got plenty more to do so I’ll just move onto another project while waiting for that part. 

Sling out getting some sun. The garage ceiling isn’t high enough to put the rudder on so I have to fit everything outside. 

When the left side is like this

The right side is like this 😦

Clamped the left side with some wood and a bolt, then pulled most of the rivets from the right side. I was able to get it pretty close to lined up, but then I over did it. 

Well now I need to wait to see if they have a skin at Torrance. I’ll try to remember to get a photo of the skin to detail my handy work :-), such a dumb mistake. 

Finishing wiring

Time: 1.25 hrs

Finished up the wiring on the horizontal and vertical stabilizer so that I can put the skins on. I ended up using the tefzel wire I purchased instead of the wire provided with the kit.

I put some heat shrink over the connector for the VOR so that it doesn’t come loose. There’s really no way to get in here again if there’s a problem other then drilling out the rivers and removing the top rib so I don’t want anything to come apart in here. 

All the wiring done for the VOR and strobe. I used a 4 wire 20 gauge tefzel wire for the strobe and RG400 for the VOR. Evertything fit well using the 1/8″ diameter grommets. 


Horizontal stabilizer skin prep

Time: 3.5 hrs

Did a test fit of the horizontal stabilizer skins, deburred, and primed them as well. Wow these were possibly the worse ones yet. I had done a previous test fit and so I had marked each skin for left and right, but maybe I messed up because I couldn’t get the skins to fit. I flipped them around and was then able to get the skins to cleco right. Still after all that there was quite a bit of match drilling and a few spots where the holes were off a bit. I did check that the lines I drew on the end ribs where at the same angle so the horizontal stabilizer should be straight.