Carbon Fiber Console

I picked up my carbon fiber parts from the paint place today. After I cut and cleaned up the pieces I had tested some clear coats on the scrap carbon fiber pieces. I got close to what I wanted but not exactly. Since I had to bring the canopy in to get painted I asked them if they could spray the parts with some left over clear they might have from another project. Well today I got to pick them up and they are exactly what I was hoping for. Carols at McCluskey’s Ltd. did such an awesome job on both the console parts and the canopy and was extremely reasonable on the price. I’ll definitely be taking the plane to them to get painted. Also Hernan at Montenegro Manufacturing was very easy to work with on getting the carbon fiber parts made up. I think I surprised him when I told him I was going to make the molds for the two parts… I don’t think he likes to make the molds 🙂

This was a great project because I got to learn a few things I probably wouldn’t have had a chance to learn. I think that’s what experimental aircraft building is all about. I mean after all you’re building an airplane and who gets to do that all the time? So why not take those opportunities to push yourself and learn new things. Of course you need to know your limits and you don’t want to do something unsafe, but use the time to do things you probably won’t have a chance later to do.

The final finished parts. I know there are some flaws in them but they came out exactly how I was hoping. I’m sorry happy with how they turned out.

Just a reminder that this is what they looked like after they were cut out and cleaned up.

And how they came from the manufacturing place.