More Cowling Work

Time: 3.5 hrs

Over the past few days I finished up (well it’s never really down, Is it?) work on the cowling. I had purchased a sheet of thermo insulation to put on the lower cowling under the muffler/turbo charger area and a few other places where the exhaust gets close to the cowling. The idea is to reduce the temperature so that no damage occurs to the cowling or paint. The thermo shield it good up to around 550 degrees Fahrenheit and provides a few hundred degree reduction in temperature, also I will be wrapping the exhaust so that should help reduce the temperature under the cowling as well. The thermo sheet is pretty flexible and was fairly easy to install. I will probably go around the edges with some clear RTV to seal up the edges and reduce any fraying of the fiber glass that makes up the thermo sheet. Prior to putting on the sheet I sprayed the whole inside of the cowling with high temperature silver paint. I didn’t spend too much time making it perfect. I just wanted it to look a bit more finished and maybe help reflect a little heat as well.

I also finished installing the doors and top air vent. I used some sika on the top air vent so that it seals up… yeah I know water is going to come through the slats, but no need to have more water than necessary.

Top air vent riveted and sika sealed.

Sprayed the inside of the top and bottom cowling with high temp silver paint. It came out OK. Didn’t want to get too caught up into trying to make it perfect. I think it looks better than the natural fiber glass though and the silver paint may help reflect a little heat as well.

A few photos of the thermo sheet installed. Mainly under the muffler and turbo charger area, but I also put some in areas where the exhaust gets close to the cowling.

The cowling is pretty much finished. Install the doors and camlocs. I’m pretty happy with the way the doors came out.

Cowling Work and ALT2 Relay

Time: 2.0hrs

Today I fit the top vent and doors on the cowling. I need to do some sanding on the doors to get the gap equal all around and to get a little better fit. Tomorrow I’ll spray the inside with high temp silver paint and I have a sheet of heat shield that I want to put on the bottom cowling. I didn’t have the hinges for the cowling doors so I had to make up some out of some extra hinge material I had.

I also finished up the install of the ALT2 (internal alternator) relay. I drilled a few holes in the relay mount and harness so I could safety wire them together and then wrapped the join with some silicone tape. I also sealed the wire entry points with black RTV.

Hopefully that will keep it from falling off. It’s on there pretty good, but you never know.

All sealed up and safety wired and mounted back onto the bracket.

Finished fitting the top vent and doors onto the cowling. I need to drill out the door rivet holes to 1/8″ (3.2mm) and do a little sanding to the doors. I had to heat one of the doors with the heat gun at 600 degrees to get it to bend a little more for a better fit.

The air vent fits well. I’m thinking of using some sika on the join so it seals up.

The doors line up pretty well. I need to do some fine tuning and also install the cam locks.