Seatbelt Brackets and Misc Fuselage Riveting

Time: 2hrs

  • Drilled out missing holes in side fuselage skins
  • Install seatbelt bracket with 4.8mm rivets and AN3-5A bolt
  • Cleaned up inside
  • Installed rest of soundproofing on floor
  • Riveted rear seat upright panels

Installed the seatbelt bracket with 3 4.8mm rivets and an AN3-5A bolt. I also tried an AN3-6A bolt but it seemed a bit too long, the 5A was a tad on the short side, but still in spec I think. The manual doesn’t mention anything about the seatbelt bracket. 

The inside of the seatbelt bracket. I had a bunch of 4.8mm 10mm length rivets and not even thinking I used those, but after looking at the back of the brackets the 10mm rivets seemed a bit short. I had a few 15mm length rivets so I drilled out the bottom most rivets on both sides and used the longer rivets. I’ll have to hit TAF up for some 15mm 4.8mm rivets and drill out the remaining 2 rivets in each side. 

Just took a few photos of the fuselage. 

Looking aft

Looking forward 

More Fuselage Riveting

Time: 1.25hrs

Things done today:

  • Finished 3.2mm rivets on left side fuselage skin
  • Riveted center and rear fuselage join on longerons
  • Drilled out holes in LGN-303 

Pretty much done with all the fuselage skin riveting. I noticed one spot near where the floor meets the skin up by the rudder pedal channel that pulls in a bit. I may need to drill out the rivets in that part and make a small spacer. This is happening on both sides. 

Also there are a few missing holes in the wing reinforcing channel piece that aren’t drilled in the skins so I’ll need to drill those out. After that is done I’ll roll the fuselage onto its side so I can fill the bottom rivets and get that all done. 

Here’s where the pulling issue is on the inside. That right most rivet before the cut out (right near the RG cabling).

It’s a bit hard to see, but there’s a definite pull on the rivet. Also the same on the other side. I don’t know if bending out the inside piece will help or a spacer is in order. 
I also riveted the rear to center fuselage joins at the longerons and had to drill out the holes in the LGN-303 that I made. The top longeron rivets had to be put in facing up.  I couldn’t get the rivet gun (manual or pneumatic) in the small space between the longeron and upper “L” part. So note to other builders… Try to rivet the join before riveting the side skins. 

The top rivets are going into LGN-303 which I made (near the grey rear seat support bracket). I extended to all three holes instead of just the last hole. I believe Peter made a spacer and an extension which would work just as well. 

Still need to vacuum everything up. Lots of debris from drilled out rivets and holes. 

Misc Center Fuselage

Time: 1.25hrs

Things done today:

  • Used edge tool on bottom flanges of side fuselage skins
  • Moved cable hold to front of center console support
  • Reviewed all parts in fuselage are correct

Below are photos showing the join on the bottom of the front fuselage. I used the edge tool to put a slight bend on the edge to get a better seal. The bend helps prevent the scalloping between the rivets.

Looking aft

Looking forward


I moved the tie wrap mount to the front of the main center console support. This whole area is behind the instrument panels so there’s no need to pass the wires up behind the support like I had.


Left Side Fuselage Skin

Time: 1.25 hrs

Clecoed the left side fuselage skin on today. Now I just need to find some time to rivet… lots of rivets. Unfortunately with the “Honey Do List” so long I know I will get in trouble if I get caught working on the plane instead of getting things done off the list.

I’m thinking of using the edge tool on the bottom flange of the skins to get a straight seam. I should have done this on the rear fuselage tops too, but the rivets were so close to the edge that the seam would have been in the middle of the rivet holes. I think the bottom flange of these skins are a bit wider so I think it will work.

Once the side skins are riveted I’ll need to fill the rivet holes. I’ll need to check out Peter’s build log, I know he had already come up with a good technique for this. Then I think I’ll do the gear and get this thing movable and can also mount some antennas.

Since I don’t have the wings yet I went down to Torrance TAF to look ┬ádouble check the width of the spar on the quick build they have there. The wing sparis just under 27mm… something like 26.86. My spacers are slightly wider then 27mm (like 27.1ish) and a tight fit so I think I’ll be good. Jean said even a millimeter too wide and you’ll get a crease in the fuselage skin when you tighten the wing bolts.

Almost looks like an airplane. Actually it’s funny because people will come by the house while I’m working and first it was… “What are you building, a sled?”, Then it became… “What are you building, a race car?”, now people actually say… “Is that an airplane?”. So I think it’s starting to take shape.