Cable Airshow

Rose and I took the Sling 2 from the Sling Flying Club in Torrance (KTOA) for a quick flight up to Cable Airport (KCCB) with the Del Amo Flyers group for the Cable Airshow. What a perfect day to fly. It was a little crazy getting in, they changed the tower frequency so that made for some quick flipping of dials at the last minute. Cable is usually non towered, but because of all the traffic for the air show they setup a temporary tower. This of course made for some confusion and then add in the frequency change to make it more fun, but we all made it and had a great day.

I parked the Sling with the RVs just to piss them off 🙂




Sling Flying

A few weeks ago I got checked out in the Sling 2 at The Sling Flying Club in Torrance (KTOA). Today I took one of their Sling 2’s out for an hour or so. They also have a Sling 4 (not rentable though) so I took a few photos of the interior of the 4 after my flight. Hopefully the photos will help understand how some things are put together and what to paint or cover, etc.


My ride for a trip out to the practice area and a Touch and Go at Long Beach (KLGB). A lot of fun to fly. Will hopefully be able to get regular hours in on the Sling 2 while I build the 4.


Some interior photos of the Sling 4. If anyone’s building a 4 or 2 and need photos please let me know. The guys at TAF in Torrance are great and I can go in any time and take pictures.



The Airplane Factory

Went to The Airplane Factory at KTOA today to talk the Jean. He was super helpful and took time to show me a few things even with his busy schedule. I took some pictures of their Sling 4 to help with the build. Also a few shot of the firewall of a Sling 2 that they had the engine removed for maintenance.