Rear Cabin Lights (Part 1)

Time: 1 hr

The rear cabin lights (same manufacturer as the front lights… Airkit, LLC) finally arrived from Aircraft Spruce so I made the round mounting plates from the anodized aluminum that I had purchased a while back. The lights are a lot smaller then I thought, but I knew they weren’t going to fit anyways. I also tested the touch dimmer on them and it seems to work fine so I’ll have to wire that up next. The factory cut holes for the rear lights are around 1.9″ (0.4″ larger then the front) so the mount plates needed to be a little larger.

Finished mounting plates. The lights fit a little loose inside the mounting plate so I may use a little bit of RTV when mounting them and make sure the mounting ring is nice and tight so they don’t slip around at all.



Carbon Fiber Console

I picked up my carbon fiber parts from the paint place today. After I cut and cleaned up the pieces I had tested some clear coats on the scrap carbon fiber pieces. I got close to what I wanted but not exactly. Since I had to bring the canopy in to get painted I asked them if they could spray the parts with some left over clear they might have from another project. Well today I got to pick them up and they are exactly what I was hoping for. Carols at McCluskey’s Ltd. did such an awesome job on both the console parts and the canopy and was extremely reasonable on the price. I’ll definitely be taking the plane to them to get painted. Also Hernan at Montenegro Manufacturing was very easy to work with on getting the carbon fiber parts made up. I think I surprised him when I told him I was going to make the molds for the two parts… I don’t think he likes to make the molds 🙂

This was a great project because I got to learn a few things I probably wouldn’t have had a chance to learn. I think that’s what experimental aircraft building is all about. I mean after all you’re building an airplane and who gets to do that all the time? So why not take those opportunities to push yourself and learn new things. Of course you need to know your limits and you don’t want to do something unsafe, but use the time to do things you probably won’t have a chance later to do.

The final finished parts. I know there are some flaws in them but they came out exactly how I was hoping. I’m sorry happy with how they turned out.

Just a reminder that this is what they looked like after they were cut out and cleaned up.

And how they came from the manufacturing place.


Garage Cleanup

I spent a few days making room in the garage. How envious I am of the people that are building that actually have space to work on their project. Now I’m not complaining because well at least the weather here is good, but it is a bit cramped working on the plane and I’ve had a few minor accidents (dents and scratches) because of the small work space. I ended up having to remove a few cabinets in the back of the garage so that the plane can move back to the wall. It looks like I have about 33″ to the door if the plane is all the way back to the wall. The 914 I believe is around 27″ long so I think it will fit (I suppose I could put the cowling on temporarily to make sure). I also put the semi-assembled HS and Elevator,  Rudder and VS up out of the way.

I’ll be heading to TAF Torrance next week to purchase the canopy kit. There’s also a paint shop at the airport that TAF has been using to paint their planes so I’m going to see if they can paint the inside of the canopy a little lighter grey and also see about having them paint the plane… much later of course. I’m really looking forward to getting the canopy on and having it look more like a plane rather then a large canoe :-). Well at least that’s what the mail lady calls it.

Yes that is organized… well maybe a little more clean up is needed. At least the empennage components are finally up out of the way and the plane can be rolled all the way back to the wall. Anyone need a Cisco 2900XL or a DVD Player?

Throttle Console Mold

I finally finished the mold for the throttle console piece. I had made one before Christmas, but it didn’t come out as good as I had hoped so I decided to give it another go. I had a few issues with this one and had to order more gel coat. The gel coat came out a bit uneven because I brushed it on rather then spraying it. It’s should be thick enough though so the mold should work well. I’ll have to get this to the Carbon Fiber guy this week so he can make the parts.

The gel coat looks a bit funky, but it’s super smooth and plenty thick enough. I did 6 layers of fiber glass matte and added 3 wood cross pieces for a little more rigidity. The holes and cut outs for the parking brake and throttle are pretty pronounced so it should be easy to just cut those out from the final part.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Time: 0.75hrs

Just finished up the work from yesterday on the channel cut into the main gear for the brake lines. I filled a few spots where the router bit hit the edge of the channel with some fiberglass epoxy and primed it. Not perfect but looks good. When the brake line goes in it will look even better. I also found these polyester UV resistant clamps that would be good to use on the top and bottom of the gear to hold the brake line. The RTV will hold the line in fine along the back of the gear, but it may not be enough to hold it where it makes the bend into the brake caliber and at the top where it bends into the fuselage. I guess I’ll have to see when the time comes for that.

Now to cook some turkey.

Cable Airshow

Rose and I took the Sling 2 from the Sling Flying Club in Torrance (KTOA) for a quick flight up to Cable Airport (KCCB) with the Del Amo Flyers group for the Cable Airshow. What a perfect day to fly. It was a little crazy getting in, they changed the tower frequency so that made for some quick flipping of dials at the last minute. Cable is usually non towered, but because of all the traffic for the air show they setup a temporary tower. This of course made for some confusion and then add in the frequency change to make it more fun, but we all made it and had a great day.

I parked the Sling with the RVs just to piss them off 🙂



Sling Flying

A few weeks ago I got checked out in the Sling 2 at The Sling Flying Club in Torrance (KTOA). Today I took one of their Sling 2’s out for an hour or so. They also have a Sling 4 (not rentable though) so I took a few photos of the interior of the 4 after my flight. Hopefully the photos will help understand how some things are put together and what to paint or cover, etc.


My ride for a trip out to the practice area and a Touch and Go at Long Beach (KLGB). A lot of fun to fly. Will hopefully be able to get regular hours in on the Sling 2 while I build the 4.


Some interior photos of the Sling 4. If anyone’s building a 4 or 2 and need photos please let me know. The guys at TAF in Torrance are great and I can go in any time and take pictures.