TAF Service Bulletin #0014

TAF sent a Service Bulletin on 8/18/2019 on replacing rivets in the wing spar and fuselage with stainless steel rivets. I guess the aluminum ones will start to give too much and cause cracking in the paint. Fortunately I haven’t riveted the skins onto the wings yet so at least that part I don’t have to redo, but I will need to drill out and replace all the rivets along the bottom to the main spar in the fuselage.


Rotax Mandatory Service Bulletin

And then there was this. Well it looks like I have to take the engine off and send it back in to get the exhaust valves changed out. Just when I thought I was making progress. I have a real desire to want to sell the plane and not deal with this thing anymore, but I will probably press on. I can’t believe I waited a year to get the engine and then it sat in a box for weeks and then 2 weeks after I put the thing on they release this. It’s my freakin’ luck. So not happy.



TAF Service Bulletin #0010

Received Service Bulletin #0010 from TAF today for Rib 601 in the tail cone. It basically says if your have a Rib 601 with aluminum of 0.64mm in thickness then you have to do annual inspections of this part and not in your airframe log book. If you have 0.8mm then you’re OK. Fortunately it looks like I have 0.80mm material there so I should be OK, even though the materials list in the kit shows it as 0.64mm. I’ll just have to remember to log in in the airframe log book when I get one.


Held tight on the material. Also measured in a few places and all come out to 0.8mm