Paint Scheme

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A little while ago I contacted Jonathan at Plane Schemer about doing a design for my Sling. I just felt like this was something I needed to get someone else to do and I’m glad I did.

He had already done a few Sling 2’s, but not the 4 yet so he needed to set up the model which took some time. A few weeks ago, to my surprise, he sent me an email with 4 initial drawings he had done. I really didn’t give him much to go on other than a photo of a motorcycle that had the colors I was thinking of using. All 4 of the drawings were great, but one was pretty much exactly what I wanted. It was only 2 colors (grey and blue) which I actually kind of liked. The others had some black accents which I also thought worked really well. So I told him that I’d go with the one grey and blue design but I did miss the black accent and was wondering if that could work on the design I chose. Well a day later I get 2 more drawings of the design I liked with some black in it. So now this was perfect, the design I really liked and the 3 colors as well. So I’m going to go with this one.

Jonathan was so great to work with. He has tons of ideas and was so willing to make changes and try different things. The other nice thing is he can produce technical drawings for the paint shop so they’ll know exactly how measure out the striping. I’d recommend him to anyone without hesitation.

Paint Ideas

I’ve been looking at other aircraft a bit trying to figure out how I want to paint the Sling. I’m thinking either a red/black/silver or blue/black/silver. I saw some Bristell paint schemes that I really like. Maybe I’ll “borrow” some ideas from them. Does anyone know of someone that do a mock up of some of these color schemes on the drawing of the Sling?

I don’t normally like red, but this looks really nice to me

I’m liking this one a lot

Like the red one except it’s blue…

This one may be a bit too flashy for me 🙂