Starting on Fuel Tanks

Time: 8.0 hrs

Started working on the fuel tanks. So far I prepped, cleaned and alodine most of the internal tank parts and also started to test fit the parts that go on ribs 101 and 105. I’m only going to alodine the surfaces that are on the inside of the tank since I will be able to spray some primer on the other surfaces once the tank is sealed and and leak tested. I’m just doing the alodine to protect the aluminum from corrosion. It probably won’t even matter, but better safe than sorry.

Box of alodined parts. Also did all the ribs as well. I’ll also need to do the inside of the tank skin and the inside of the back piece. I’ll probably just brush the Alodine on those parts because I don’t have anything large enough to submerge them in. The brushing actually works well, it just takes a bit longer.

Started to assemble the fuel level senders. You have to disassemble the parts that come in the box and then reassemble them on the mount that is provided by TAF. Once I get them finalized I’ll mark the sender assemblies as Left and Right since it will make a difference which side they go on.

The various fittings that go on the inside of rib 101. The bracket that holds the fuel pickup was kind of a pain to bend, but it came out pretty good. I had to ream out the holes on the backing plate to the size o the M4 rivet and also had to file the hole where the AN6 fitting goes (for the fuel pick up). I didn’t want to use a step drill on it because I want the fitting to fit nice and tight so it won’t leak. It will also have sealant on it when it gets installed, but the tighter the parts fit the better.

This is the fuel sender that’s used. It’s a VDO sender 10-180 Ohms