Fuel Tank Jigs

I spent a few hours today building the jigs for the fuel tanks. I’m still waiting on the left fuel tank skin from TAF so I can’t build the tanks yet, but I should be able to get started with assembling a the fuel level and drain components on the ribs. I’ve been contemplating alodining all the fuel tank parts since some will not be primed (the surfaces that are expose to fuel). I will probably spray the other su5faces with primer after the tanks are assembled. So I’m wondering if it’s really worth the effort.

I’m also having a bit of a storage issue. I built a wing dolly (which I’ll post about later), but there’s not that much room in the garage to store the wings. I ended up reorganizing the garage so that the front of the plane faces in towards the back wall (rather than the garage door) so that I have more room towards the garage door side. I also was able to tempoarily put on the canopy doors because the garage door isn’t above the canopy in that area. This helps free up some space and I can also mount the hydraulic lifts for the doors.

I still have to finish up the left wing so I may try to get that done first before anything else. The weather is still really nice here in CA, but I’m sure it will start getting more windy and rainy soon and I don’t want to try to be building the wings and having to deal with that. The right wing is mostly finished so I want to try to get that into the garage this week.

The fuel tank jigs are finished, now I just need the left skin and the sealant and I can do the tanks. The jigs went together pretty quick. I used some left over plywood and had to purchase 2 2×3’s for the cross bar. I also did a test fit of all the ribs and Z channels for the right tank.