More Wing Skins

Time: 2.5 hrs

Today I was able to attach one of the leading edge skins. I’m waiting on the other one from TAF so I can’t do that one yet. This went surprising well. It was a bit of work getting it to wrap around, but after getting a few clecos in the ribs it wrapped around fairly easily. I didn’t rivet the top portion since I still need to flip the wings over and do the top skins which fit under this skin.

I also riveted the portion of the inner most top skins (the wing walk area) so I could get all the bottom rivets done. I checked some of the top holes and they seem to line up OK. The   trailing edge didn’t fit as well on the right wing as the left, but not too bad over all.

The rivnuts for the lights also got installed without any issue. The newer bracket I resented from TAF actually had the correct hole size for the rivnuts so that saved some reaming time. SO just need to do the rivnuts for the inspection plate and fill/sand the rivets and then I can flip the wings over.

Outer leading edge on the right wing is partially riveted and rivnuts are installed for the lights. The rib to the left also gets the fuel tank skin attached to it so I can’t rivet that yet. I’ll also need to prep and prime the overlap area.

This is the inner top skin. This fit very well on the left wing and took a bit of work on the right. On the right side it seemed that the bend was a little off and I had to try to move it a bit, which is really difficult to do because it’s a very thick aluminum skin.