Time: 8 hrs

Over the past week or so I’ve been working on and off on the flaps. Theres a lot of prep work, plus priming before assembly so it take a lot of time. Plus I wanted to let the primer dry for a few days before putting things together. In any event the flaps are mostly done. I’m still missing rib #1 so I’ll have to rivet that in when I get it. I also left most of the leading edge unriveted so that I can get it to match the wash in the wing when the wings are completed.

The flaps went together very quickly, no big issues in alignment or fitment. I did end up using 12mm long 4.8mm rivets in rib #102 to fit the bracket to the side of the rib since the 15mm rivets seemed a bit long. The manual only says to use 4.8mm rivets and doesn’t say a length. I assumed they wanted 15mm all around since they provide you with so many. In most cases you need the extra length because there are a few pieces to get through.

I’ve also been working on finishing up the engine. I’ve been waiting on some parts so that I can mount up some of the hose, etc. I’m also seeing if I can get the sensor cable from AirMaster for the propeller so that I can finish up all the engine wiring through the firewall. They said they’d sell it to me and I’m now just waiting on a reply to see how to pay them. So hopefully I’ll have that finished up in a week or so and I’ll take a bunch of photos.

The flaps mostly riveted. The leading edge is left unriveted so that I can match the wash of the wings when they’re done. Everything went together pretty quick.

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