Time: 4.5 hours

Today I assembled the ailerons. It all went together very well except for some issues around rib #3. The issue was I wasn’t able to get the leading edge to close up. It almost seemed like the ribs was too large. I disassembled most of the aileron, took out the metal reinforcing tube and then it seemed to close so I thought the issue maybe was the circular cut out in the rib wasn’t large enough for the tube. I compared the cut out with one of the other ribs and it seemed ok. What seemed to work was I relaxed the bend in the bottom half of the skin along the leading edge by just bending it with my hand. The holes then lined up much closer and I was able to get clecos in them. Once that was figured out I riveted the trailing edge and just left clecos in on the leading edge so that I can warp it to follow the shape of the wing when it’s finished.

Even with being very careful in the prepping of the ribs and putting bends on the tabs of the ribs I still got a small bump in the skin where one of the tabs was a little high. This happened on the rib that is doubled up so it’s a bit more rigid then the other ribs. Oh well, it’s not that bad so will just have to live with it.

I also starting prepping the flap ribs so I can get that going next.

Ailerons are done. I left checks in the leading edges so I can get the correct twist on them to match the wing trailing edge.


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