Wings Progress

Time: 6 hrs

Finally getting back to working on the plane after a long vacation. I made some good progress on the wings. I set up the main and rear spare in the jigs on the rear porch. The porch is surprisingly level. I just got things close so I’ll have to go back and get the jigs completely leveled out, but it should work out fine. The tables I have aren’t really large enough to build both wings. I should be able to get both wings built up to putting on the leading edge skin, then I’ll have to finish up one and then process with the final wing. I test fit the ribs that I had primed and assembly a few weeks ago. Everything seems to fit well. I’m also going to prime the main spare where the ribs overlap. I wasn’t going to prime the main spare at all since it’s anodized aluminum, but the brackets seem to be regular aluminum so I’ll just prime them to make sure.

I also prepped most of the remaining ribs. I’ll see if I can clean and prime them during next week some time so I can hopefully install them over next weekend.

Spares in the jigs for the left and right wings and a few of the main ribs test fit. Not a whole lot of room to work here, but not too bad.

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