Carpet for Luggage Area

Time: 5 hrs

Over the past few days I’ve been working on getting the carpeting installed in the luggage area. I tried to use some spray on 3M adhesive which looked to be pretty good, but it turn out to be a bit of a disaster. It really didn’t stick so well to the metal and you couldn’t reposition the pieces as you installed them so I ended up going back to the Barge and a bit larger brush. I also wore a respiratory since it a closed in area and the smell will definitely give you a decent headache. It all went pretty smoothly, the only area that was a bit tricky was the right side area next to the parachute box. This was only because there’s not a lot of room to work and you’re already in an uncomfortable position anyways.

I started the install by doing the main pieces along the top, some trimming was involved, but I left each piece a little oversized to get some over lap on backs or side (whoever another piece needed to get installed). Next I installed the left and right pieces on the parachute box leaving some overlap to the back (bulkhead), then I installed the back pieces on the bulkhead and finally the small pieces on the stringers.

For the floor I’d like to find some rubberized type material. I’m thinking maybe some kind of trunk or bed liner and I’d also like to install some luggage tie downs… maybe a rail where you can place the loop attachments at various spots along the rail. So still some work to be done in the luggage area, but the bulk has been completed.

Luggage area all carpeted. Just need to figure out the floor material and tie downs.

The luggage door came out pretty good. to do the hinge part I just opened the door all the way, cut the carpet to length and then glued it down. The piece that TAF gave me for the door was a bit short so I ended up adding on the top piece above the angle.