We Have Wings…

Time: 2 hrs

Today I picked up my wing kit from Torrance TAF. There’s a lot of parts… while I inventoried the parts I started thinking wow this is going to be a lot of work. I’m hoping the build goes smoothly and things go together quickly. After the wings are built, I’ll be pretty close to getting the paint done (I guess I better get a paint scheme designed). It will be nice to be able to do some riveting again, I can always go back to doing avionics in the fuselage if I get tired of it. I really don’t have the room to build the wings let alone store them. My wife was nice enough to say I can build them in the house so that’s probably what I’ll do. I may see if I cant rent a storage unit down the street where I can builded them, but I suspect the storage unit will cost close to renting a hangar.

After I did the inventory I found that this kit is missing quite a few parts. Some were pillaged for other customers, one skin was damaged (fairly large deep scratch), and the rest just missing. The one bummer is that it looks like the wing spare might not fit in the opening in the fuselage. Since I didn’t have the wings yet I measured one at Torrance TAF and made some wood spacers. They were a pretty tight fit I remember, but it seemed right. The real problem that I was told was that the open was going to be too large and when you tighten the spare bolts the skin will buckle a bit, well it seems mine is the opposite. It’s seems like it’s really maybe 1/64″ or less, but I’m thinking it’s not going to fit. I’ll have to roll the plane out and try to fit the spares in the next few days. if they don’t fit I’ll have to start drilling out rivets and seeing if I can get it to fit. Not much fun so I’m praying it will fit.

The spares in the long thin box and the rest of the wing parts in the large box. I think it’s more parts than the fuselage.