Fuel Selector and Exhaust

Time: 4 hrs

My fuel selector that I ordered from Andair in the UK came a few days ago so I figured I’d get that installed. I also finished up the mounting of the exhaust and exhaust shroud.

I ordered my fuel selector with AN fittings instead of the NPT fittings that the TAF one comes with. It turns out there isn’t a whole lot of room in the dash where the fuel selector mounts (what else is new). I ended up having to swap the -4AN with the -6AN fittings around on the fuel selector (Left/Right tank connections) and then I had to use my heat gun to heat up the fiberglass on the dash so I could bend out the flanges a bit to make room for the 90º AN fittings. I got all the fuel lines cut and the AN hose ends put on. I still need to install the M4 rivnuts in the fuel selector and torque down the hose fittings.

The exhaust went quick. There’s really no photos in the manual on how to mount the shock mount and adel clamp so it took some experimentation to make sure the exhaust didn’t hit the engine mount or anything else. For the exhaust shroud I used some large hose clamps to hold the shroud closed tight so I could drill the holes for the rivets. I also put an adel clamp on the heater hose that runs up to the heater box to secure the hose.

My Andair FS2020 fuel selector valve. I ordered it with -6AN fittings on the top for the fuel feed and return and -4AN (return), -6AN (feed) for the connections to the fuel tanks. This photos was taken before I swapped the -6AN and -4AN fittings around (on the sides). I did this because the -4AN fittings are smaller so they fit better closer to the dash.  I also got the clear anodized faceplate so that it matches my vents and other hardware… hey it’s got to match.

Exhaust shroud installed. I used a few large hose clamps to get it all held closed tight so that I could drill the holes for the remaining rivets. This uses the stainless steel/steel mandrel rivets.

This is what I came up with for mounting the exhaust. I couldn’t find any photos of mention of it in the manual, but this seems to work. The clamps holding the exhaust to the engine and other clamp are the Rotax exhaust clamps (Rotax #951 550) which I ordered from Lockwood Aviation Supply.

Well it all fit. I couldn’t run the hoses directly down, they run up a little and then down. I also couldn’t use my 60º fittings on the return and feed (on the top) because the one closest to the dash hit the dash, but the 90º fitting fit OK.

The fuel selector basically installed.

My faux dash in place… working on some ideas for where everything will go. I need to start thing about who will cut the panel. If I can get a hold of some CAD software I can get most of it designed and so it should make the cutting a bit cheaper.

My upholstery should be here any day now so hopefully that came out OK. I also purchased the wings so I’ll have to go pick that up and start working on those soon.



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