Avionics Wiring

TIme: 3hrs

I feel like I’m not getting anywhere on the build, but I know things are getting done. I spent some time today organizing the wiring as well as running a few more wires. I also wired up the connector for the TCW battery backup and extended the wires for the TCU. Next on the list is to connect all the ground wires I have to the ground block on the firewall.

I cut the ring thermals off the TCU wires and soldered extensions onto the wires. Power will go to the VPX and Ground will go to the main ground bus on the firewall. Those other connectors are for the Turbo Boost and Warning lamps. I may do the same for those and cut the connectors off and just extend them.

Believe it of not this is organized. I have all the main cabling run up through some adel clamps and all the sheathing is cut back. Wires are bundled for what device they will connect too. The next big job is getting that pile of ground wires terminated and connected to the main ground bus which is behind the rib, so not super easy to get to… hence me not really being motivated to do it. I’m still wondering how I’m going to run the wiring for the shield grounds. There’s a few of these shielded wires that I need to ground the shields and the VPX doesn’t have screw terminals to attach them to the jack covers (like the Garmin stuff does). I’m thinking I may just ground them to a screw on the rib… there’s no real issue with causing a ground loop since the other end of the shield isn’t terminated.


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