Oil Cooler and Radiator Mount Bracket

Time: 2.5 hrs

Since I now have almost all the FF parts from TAF I was able to put together the mounting bracket for the oil cooler and radiator. This is the newer way the coolers are mounted to the lower cowling. The old way was a plate and cams type of mount.

After cleaning and demurring I alodined the parts so they hold up a little better. It would have been much easier to put this together except TAF didn’t drill the rivet holds for the radiator bracket to main mount bracket. I don’t know if they did this on purpose thinking that every install might be a little different or if it just slipped by QC. In any case not too had to get the parts in place and drill out the holes.

Everything laid out. I need to add in some padding to the ends of the swivel part that hold the oil cooler down so that it doesn’t get scratched up. I also need to get some camloc receptacles to attach the brackets top the cowling.

Also note I have the UNF fittings on the oil cooler since I’ll be using AN hoses and fittings for the oil lines. I installed these as well and used some Loctite 648 as specified in the Rotax manual.

I had previously cut down some M6 bolts to use as pins for the bottom of the radiator. Today I  ground them down a bit to make them smooth so it’s easier to slide them out when removing the lower cowling.

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