Oil Lines Fitting

Time: 1hr

I had ordered some stainless steel oil lines from Aircraft Speciality which arrived today. I did a quick test fit and everything seems to fit well. I had them not do one fitting on the two hoses that attach to the oil cooler since those need to be clocked exactly. Now I can just set the clocking and ship them back for them to finish up the hoses.There are a total of 5 -8AN oil lines when using the oil thermostat. There is one smaller line that runs from the oil pump to the oil tank which is the oil return for the turbo. I decided to use a flourosilicone hose for that (which hasn’t arrived yet). The rest of the lines are all teflon with stainless steel braid. I also had them put a little fire sleeve on the line that runs near the turbo. I will also put some thermo warp on it so it will cover the orange fire sleeve… hate that orange firesleeve :-).

Most of the lines are visible in this photo. There the run from the oil tank to the thermostat, from the thermostat to the oil cooler, from the thermostat down to the oil pump (in the front of engine), and from the oil sump (on the bottom of the engine) to the oil tank. I’ll get more photos when I install the oil lines later.

The line that runs from the oil cooler to the thermostat on the left side gets pretty close to hitting the upper cowling. I’ll need to tie it down to the alternator in some way.The red tape is where it will need to be tied down.

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