Avionics Shelf

Time: 2.5hrs

I found got some time to work on the plane. I’ve been so busy with work and then useably tired after that I haven’t had time to do any work on the plane. So today I made two shelves that some of the avionics will sit on. Mainly the GTR20 (Radio), GTX45R (Transponder), and the GMA245R (Remote Audio Panel)… This list might change, but I think this will be the way I’m going for mounting the avionics. Some stuff will mount directly to the rib and then of course a few components mount into the panel itself. The shelves are pretty straight forward. I used some aluminum angle and notched the ends so that it could be riveted to the fuselage stringers. I had to make sure that it didn’t get in the way of the air ducts and anything that will be mounted to the panel. I use .05 6061 aluminum sheets for the shelves themselves and made them removable just incase I have to get in to reach something behind the panel and can’t crawl under for some reason. Now I just need to start buying some avionics, which I will do now that the engine is on and getting close to being done. The nice part about the shelves is it keeps all the avionics out where you can get to them and not buried under the rib section near the firewall which is actually hard to get to when the dash is on.

Shelves are roughed in and mounting holes drilled. Next step is to clean up the parts and install some rivnuts for the M4 screws that will attach the shelves to the angle and rib.

The shelves are mostly installed. I still need to rivet the angle to the stringers and get some shorter M4 screws. I may also make a bracket for the center that attaches the angle to the center console supports or maybe some L brackets to beef up the connection to the stringers on the side. It seems pretty sturdy though so probably not necessary. This will be the basic arrangement of the avionics. I’ll see when I get the actual avionics exactly how everything will fit and how the weight is on the angle piece. I may also be able to cut a little off the end of the shelves to shorten them up for better access behind and less weight. Also I can mount things to the underside of the shelves as well.

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