FT-60 Fuel Flow Transducer Bracket

Time: 1.5hrs

I made up a fairly simple bracket for the FT-60 Fuel Flow Transducer. I originally had just a temporary L shaped bracket and I was going to just replicate that in some thicker aluminum, but after looking at how close the aft mounting hole of the FT-60 sat to the bend I decided to make it a little more complex and extend the flat portion of the bracket by making a cut pretty much up the middle of the bracket so I could bend out a small section on top. I also made the bracket a little wider than the original and made the height adjustable. I noticed also that the bottom mounting screw hole so that it will slip over the screw (that mounts the Rotax 3-way solenoid to the airbox. I did this because it’s almost impossible to put that bottom screw back in with the bracket on. Now only the top screw needs to be removed (and the bottom loosened) to get the FT-60 bracket on. The only thing I have in question is that from a little more reading it seems that you’re not supposed to have a 90 degree bend in the fuel line within 6″ of the FT-60 and I have like 3 of them. The TAF way only really has one (coming off the fuel pressure regulator). I guess I’ll need to do a test to see how actuate the FT-60 is in this arrangement. If it’s not I can always reroute the fuel line to loop around rather then using the two 90 degree fittings.

I’ll be writing up a complete step by step on how to install the fuel lines and what fittings go were when I do the fuel line install.

Here’s the layout of the bracket. I cut out a 2 1/8″ x 4  3/4″ piece from a sheet of 0.09″ 6061 aluminum.

A few photos of the bracket. I notched the bottom hole so it can slide over the mounting screw. And I also made the mounting holes adjustable to accommodate the short hose run.

Side view of FT-60 on the mounting bracket.

After facing view. The bracket uses the same mounting screws as the 3 way solenoid that mounts to the airbox.

Top view

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