Canopy Door Locks Finished

Time: 2.25hrs

We’ll I thought this was going to go pretty quick, but like anything on the plane it didn’t. The tool I was waiting for arrived so I wanted to put the rods in that connects the front and rear latches on the doors. I was looking at how I needed to bend the rod and noticed that it was a bit too long… well actually it was because I put the rear latch (only on the right side door) in the wrong place. I measured the 590mm from the 0 point (the line that lines up with the window frame edge) and not the center of the door handle hole. That put the latch about 100mm more forward then designed which would probably cause the door not to seal well. So I drilled a new hole for the rear latch and installed the M5 rivnut.

Now what to do with the rivnut in the incorrect position… well I had an extra knob handle so I put that on the rivnut. The sucky part was that the left door was correct so then the thought was do I leave it or do the same to the good door? I decided to make it the same and add the rivnut with the knob on it. It looks kind of cool I guess. Maybe I can come up with something better or more useful.

This is the tool I was waiting for. It makes putting in the roll pins easier because the jaws stay parallel to each other so it applies even pressure on the pin. You could probably use a C-Clamp as well, but I figured I’d use these around the house as well. The pliers are a bit pricey. I think these were around $50 on Amazon. This is the 10″ one, they have larger pliers, but these were large enough to get the pin in.

The latch connector rod installed. You can also see the fix for my mess up… the anodized knob above the rod.

Pin installed on the rear latch.

I had to drill out the hole in the front latch to 1/8″ so the roll pin would go in. The hole in the rear latch is already the correct size.

Front latch pinned and rod connected. I’m missing the small anodized knob on the handle (note the blue tape). I’ll have to get that from TAF. I’ll wait to loctite the nuts on the latch rod after I put the door on and install the pins in the side of the fuselage that the latches lock down on to, just in case I have to make some adjustments. I also need the left handle M5 nut that should be here in a day or two.

Oh yeah. I almost forgot to pin the square block coming out of the handle. I noticed it because I kept having o tighten the knob on the end and eventually it just pulled out. I just used the same roll pin used on the latch rod connections. TAF only supplied 4 pins, but I cut two of them in half for the latch rod and then used the other two for this (on each door).

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