Canopy Door Locks (Almost) Finished

Time: 4.5hrs

I had some time today to almost finish the work on the canopy door locks. I finished up a few things on the left door and also completed all the work on the right door. I think the left door (the first one I did) came out a little better, but still happy with the way they came out and that they are done.

I wasn’t able to install the bar that connects the front and rear latches because I need to wait for a tool I purchased to install the roll pins. Also TAF gave me 3 right hand threaded M5 nuts and 1 left hand threaded rather then 2 of each so I just ordered more of the left hand threaded nuts.

Since the fiberglass/carbon fiber is so thick here I was able to recess the rivnuts a bit using a larger reamer to drill in a little so that the rivnut head would sit flush with the door frame. I also uses a little epoxy when installing them. I did this for these 2 M3 rivnuts as well as the 2 M5 rivnuts that hold in the inside handle. I didn’t recess the one holding the rear latch since there didn’t seem to be an aesthetic reason to do it.

Almost got everything in the photo… the main latch with lock, the inside handle, and the rear latch are all installed. Just need the bar to connect the front and rear latches. I’m also missing the small knob that goes on the main latch so I’ll have to get those from TAF.


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