Rear Cabin Lights Complete

Time: 1.5 hrs

The copper washers came in today so I was able to finish up wiring the rear cabin lights and get them mounted in the canopy. To my surprise everything fit into the space in the canopy just fine. I also did a quick test by hooking up the power supply to the canopy power feed wire.

Got these from e-bay. They’re 32mm copper crush washers which fit around the mount on the light. The copper is easy to solder to.

Soldered the lead from the touch dimmer to the large copper washer. The washer then gets installed between the aluminum mounting plate I made and the mounting ring of the light. Now if you touch any of the metal parts on the light or mounting plate it will turn on or off the light. If you hold then the light dims down and if you release and hold again it dims up.

All wired up. I tested them prior to installing in the canopy as well. The funky clear plastic looking thing is just a crimp butt split with heat shrink. The touch dimmers were around $7 from Amazon.

Both lights mounted in the canopy and tested. These are the swivel lights from AIrkit, LLC.



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