Rear Cabin Lights (Part 2)

Time: 1.25 hrs

I had a bit of a break from working on the plane. My wife and I ran a half marathon and did some camping in Yosemite. We also were finally able to go up to the top of Half Dome (bucket list Item) since the cables went up earlier then expected this year. Then after an exhausting few days there we spent a weekend in Seattle with some friends. Real estate prices are almost as insane there as they are here in LA. Oh and BTW the Space Needle is way more scary then Half Dome if you’re afraid of heights or edges (as I learned from Craig M.)

So since the mounting plates were finished before I left on the trip(s) I marked and drilled to holes for the nut plates to mount them. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to finish riveting in the nut plates, but I should be able to finish this up pretty quick tomorrow. The worst part of working on the cabin lights is having to work upside-down… my back is killing me.

All the holes drilled, countersunk and ready to go, just need to rivet in the nut plates.


Photo of Half Dome from the trail going up to the summit. I think this is at around 7000-7500ft.

A photo of the cables that you climb to get to the summit of Half Dome. I really had to push myself to do the climb, at the base of the cables your have about a 3000-4000ft drop off on either side so it’s a bit freaky. Though once you start climbing it’s really not that bad and you’re just really focused on not messing up :-).


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