Canopy Door Windows Finished

Time: 2.5 hrs

Since the Sika finally arrived I was able to install the window in the left canopy door. Tomorrow I’ll clean it up and hang in on the canopy, just temporarily. The window install went as expected. I used some smaller clamps that seemed to work well.

A few photos of the right side door temporarily installed on the canopy. The window came out pretty good. just a few spots to fix with some Sika.

This stuff is awesome. I purchased it from Amazon for around $7. You can hand rub it or use a buffing wheel. It removed all the fine scratches I found in the windows without too much effort. Always, always use 100% cotton rags to clean the plexiglass, anything else will scratch it. Mine were scratched at the factory or in transit, nothing bad just annoying.

My wife Rose couldn’t resist taking a photo of me in my Sunday best with my trusty Sika gun.

And the last window is pretty much done. The smaller clamps worked very well, just lightly holding some pressure. The Sika actually holds very well so they’re almost not required, but just in case.