Canopy Door Windows Install (Part 2)

Time: 2.5 hrs

Installed the window in the right canopy door. Letting it dry now and need more Sika to do the left one. The door required quite a few clamps. The C-type clamps don’t work so well because it’s hard to get them clear of the Sika on the front, but still on the frame on the back. I ended up using the furniture type clamps. The only thing I did different then the rear windows was that I removed the tape on the inside of the window after about an 1-1.5 hours after I put down the Sika. The tape was much easier to remove and left a few spots that needed to be cleaned up since the Sika was still a little wet. Smoothing with your finger and using a little Mineral Spirits to cleaned it up seemed to work well. This approach was much easier then letting it dry and having to cut the Sika with a knife to get the tape out. I’ll take some photos after it’s all cleaned up.


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