Pilot/Copilot Cabin Lights Install (Part 3)

Time: 2.5 hrs

Today I did some miscellaneous work on the plane. I pinned the front cabin lights and installed those. I had put the connector on thinking that there would be enough space to pass through the canopy, but I was wrong. The center of the canopy has the cabling for teh parachute so the connector would fit under it. I had to remove the connector, pass the cable end through to the hole where the dimmer is going and finally put the connector on. So much for being able to easily remove the lights… well it’s not that hard to pop the 3 pins out of the connector I supposed. I’ll hopefully get the dimmer soon so I can wiring that up. The rear lights are still on back order from Aircraft Spruce.

I also sanded the rivets I had filled for the canopy and also filled and sanded the hole in the canopy that was made by TAF.

LED light is pinned and connector is on. I had to remove the connector on the copilot light because there wasn’t enough space in the canopy to pass it through.

Lights are in. Hopefully they will stay that way. I do still need to test the dimmer when it arrives.