Rear Canopy Windows Finished

Time: 1.5hrs

I removed all the clamps and tape that I had used to hold in the windows while they dried from the rear canopy windows. However, I kept all the tape on the inside and the outside tape that protected the canopy. I also add some masking tape on the window along the edge to make clean up a little easier. On the outside I ran a bead of Sika in the expansion gap (about 3/16″ (5mm) wide) and filled in some spots.  On the inside of the window I spot filled where there still was some gaps. I waited 3-4 hours for that to tack up and then removed all the tape from the windows. The outside went very well, the inside not so much. I guess I didn’t wipe all the the excess Sika that seeped out when I initial installed the windows so it dried a little thick and getting the tape off was a nightmare. It also pulled some of the Sika off which messed up the smooth bead that was on the inside of the window. After quite a few curse words, some time cleaning with Mineral Spirits and very light scraping with a clay carving knife I was able to clean up the inside seam and it looked pretty good. I have a few spots that still need a small bit of Sika to look good, but besides that I’m happy with the way it came out.

All cleaned up. I noticed a few light scratches in the plexiglass. I may be able to buff those out. I’ll have to test on some scrap pieces. I’m thinking that for the front windows I will wait on doing the bead in the expansion gap until after I get the plane painted. That way I’ll get a cleaner line between the window frame and the paint. Also there will need to be some kind of tape or paint done to cover the mounting area of the window frame since the plexiglass isn’t UV protected. This is done so UV won’t deteriorate the Sika and have the window fall out. From the Sika manual the protection overlap has to extend past the mount edge by 2 times the thickness of the window. So if the window is 3mm thick then it overlaps by 6mm.


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