Rear Canopy Windows Install (Part 3)

Time: 2.0 hrs

Today I finished sizing the rear windows and got them ready to install. I sized them to be about 5mm smaller then the edge of the frame. I ended up with a fairly even gap all around the windows. I used a compass with a sharpie taped on as a guide to draw around the window edge to try to get a consistent margin from the frame edge. Once that was done I just used the belt sander to remove the material from the window. The process went pretty quick, a lot of sanding then checking, then sanding again. After the sizing looked good I used a an electric sander with 180 grit paper to smooth the edges and also round the off the edge as well (just a little). To finish it I hand sanded with 320 grit… which probably wasn’t really necessary.

I then cleaned the windows with Plexus to remove all the sharpie markings and put the windows back in place to mark the inside of the window so that it could be masked off. I had tried to use some thin masking tape to mark the inside along the frame, but that proved to be difficult. I switched to using a sharpie like the manual suggested which worked fine. I was worried above having the sharpie get covered by Sika and not being able to remove it after the window was installed, I transferred the line to the top of the window and removed it from the back part. I then use that line to mask the back of the window and then roughed up the area with 80 grit paper (as well as the fire glass portion of the window frame.

One of the rear windows all cut to size, sanded, and cleaned.

Plexus works really well to clean the windows. You have to be very careful what you use on the plexiglass to clean it. This removed all the sharpie (with a little work).

Window is fit back in and seems to line up well. Next step is to mark the inside with a sharpie so that it can be masked off.

One of the windows all ready to install. The edge has been roughed up with 80 grit paper so that the primer adheres better. I had purchased some good quality 1/2″ masking tape with worked great on the corners. I also put some plastic wrap on the window to protect it from the Sika and scratching. Mine didn’t come with any protective coating on it.

So next thing should be installing the windows.Hopefully in the next few days.


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