Rear Parachute Cables

Time: 2.25 hrs

I finished up installing the parachute cabling to the rear spare. The holes needed to be reamed for an AN6 bolt. It was quite a bit harder to do now then if I had know to do it when the skins were off. It took a while, but I came up with a decent way to ream the two sides of the bolt hole from the back (see the photo below). I had also tried to drive the whole contraption with an electric drill, but found that was a bit too uncontrollable so the manual ratcheting screw driver worked much better. It actually didn’t take that long to ream the holes out. I purchased a 9.5mm hand reamer for the job. An AN6 bolt is about .372″, its not really 3/8″ (.375). If you use a 3/8 drill then you end up with the bolt being a bit loose in the hole. The 9.5mm reamer is .374 so its a bit closer to the actual size on the bolt. I also noticed that you really can’t torque the bolts to the specified torque value because the bolt pulls in the two sides of the rear spare and I didn’t want to deform any of the parts of the spare. I just made the bolt fairly tight.

I riveted the remaining rivets on the rear fuselage, now I just need to fill and sand them. And I also worked on placing the parachute cover skin on. I found that I should have done one more rivet further when counter sinking the rivets. I’ll have to notch the skin a little or maybe see if I can fudge the skin positioning to miss the rivet. There’s really no way to countersink the rivet now that the canopy is on. I did manage to countersink the rivets that hold the reinforcing plate for the parachute rocket though.

OK lets see if I can remember what I did here. There’s the 9.5mm reamer connected to a socket (can’t remember what size), connected to a socket to hex converter. connected to a flexible extension, connected to the ratcheting screw driver. This worked really well and I was able to get the reamer all the way through to other hole as well. The area to the front of the main spar doesn’t;t have much room because I already installed the floor close offs.

Cabled installed

Riveted the row of rivets on the rear top fuselage skin to the rib. It came out pretty good. Only a few slight lumps. I’ve seen some at the factory that were really lumpy here. Now I need to fill and sand all the rivets that were added for the canopy. I will probably need to use the epoxy paste since the expos resin way won’t stay in the rivets that are on the sides.

Positioned the parachute skin. I’ll need to drill the spots for the rivets, but I won’t install it until after the plane is painted. I put in countersunk rivets to hold the reinforcing plate where the rocket would come out to pop the skin off. I’ll fill those to hopefully hide those rivets as much as possible.

I should have put in a countersunk rivet here… oh well. I can just make a small cut out in the skin.