Interior Skins (Part II)

Time 2.5 hrs

Done today:

  • Installed the left front inside skin
  • Installed outer seat rails on left and right side
  • Test fit rear inside skins

I finished installing the other front interior skin. This one was a little more difficult because it didn’t line up as well as the right side did. I eventually got it installed after some pushing and pulling and had to widen a few holes.

The seat rails went in fairly easily. The hardest part is getting the rivets it at the front of the rail where the flange is. The flange makes it impossible to get a rivet gun straight in so I used a thick piece of metal with a small hole drilled out for the rivet mandrel to pass through. The metal was then clamped in place. It helps hold the rivet flat and firm against the rail which is especially important because they are countersunk rivets so the seat can slide.

A few overhead shots of the interior. Front skins have all been riveted. The rear skins won’t be riveted until the canopy is on and the parachute cables have been bolted to the rear spar.