Wiring Runs Done, More Fuel Lines, and Brake Lines

Time: 2.5 hrs

Things accomplished today:

  • Installed -4AN fittings on brake lines and ran brakes lines between parking brake area and wheel calibers
  • Ran wiring for wing strobe lights, taxi/landing lights and fuel sender
  • Ran fuel feed lines to fuel filters and installed fittings
  • Secured wiring and reviewed clearance from rudder cables

Today was a small milestone for the Sling project. As far as I can tell all of the wire runs through the fuselage are now done. I secured down most of the wire ties and also made sure that there is adequate clearance to the rudder pedal cables.

Not too messy and clearance to the rudder cables looks to be good. The rudder cable is a bit slack in the photo so there’s a bout 1.5-2″ of clearance to the wiring

The wring runs up the front of the last console support in the center. There’s a tie wrap mount in the center of the support to keep the the bundle in the center. I’m thinking to maybe adding a cross brace and another tie wrap mount towards the bottom just to keep the bundle from moving into the rudder cable path.

And there’s the mess. Actually everything has temporary labels on it so I know where everything goes… it really looks worse then it is.

I also ran the bundle of wires out to the wing roots. This bundle includes wiring for the fuel sender, Strobe/Nav Lights and Tax/Landing lights. I used different color striped wiring to tell the difference between the landing and taxi lights. I suppose you can also use a multicore-core cable and get some shielding as well. The LED lights don’t draw too much current so EMF should be relatively low.

Brakes lines are run out to the brake calipers from the parking brake area. I need to look at making the groove on the rear of the landing gear a bit deeper and see if I can get the brake line to secure into that groove. I don’t want to use zip ties to hold the brake lines on.

I received the 30º fittings a few days ago so I was able to get the fuel feed lines connected to the fuel filters. The fittings worked well to turn the lines in towards the middle away from the rudder pedal cables. I’m going to leave the ends that attache to the fuel selector unfinished right now until I get the fuel sender and know the exact length they need to be. I’ll also secure the hoses a bit better once I know they don’t need to be moved at all.

I purchased some “cobra” tie wraps also called low profile tie wraps to secure the fuel lines. These tie wraps have a more even grip on the hose so they won’t tend to pinch in on the hose like a regular tie wrap. I also will wrap the area with silicone tape prior to zip tying. I secured the return fuels to the console support behind the fuel filters using a single tie wrap and mount.

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