Brake Lines

Time 1.5 hrs

Today I worked on figuring out how much brake line I’ll need to order to finish the brake line runs from the parking brake to the wheel calibers. I used the tubing that was supplied with the kit (that I’m not going to use) to figure out where the tubing will run and then marked off where it will be cut. I ordered the braided -4AN line from Summit Racing as well as some fittings that I needed. I also installed some edge grommet and lightening hole mounts that I’ll use to secure the brake lines when I run them.

Looking at some factory photos on Craig’s site it looks like the lines run through these small holes under the rear floor. I cut a 3/8″ hole in the side of the fuselage to run the line through. I may need to make it bigger for the braided line since it’s a little larger diameter. I’ll probably need to cross the brake lines over in the center trough because they’re not going to be able to make that tight 90º bend. So the right side brake line will run down the left of the trough and vice versa for the left brake line.

I’m thinking the line will come out here by the flap motor and should connect to the 90º fitting I installed on the rear of the parking brake valve. The valve will sit about 1-2″ to the left of the flange of the glove box. The other idea is to run the lines up over the main spar. I’ll have to see once I get the throttle/parking brake console back from the carbon fiber guy.

I installed two of the lightning hole mounts that I’ll tie the brake lines to and edge grommet in the one that won’t have a mount. You can also see the 3/8″ holes in the far right side. I centered it in a lightening hole opening on the outside of the fuselage skin and it’s a little bit high, but I think it will be OK since there’s about 2″ of dead space between the fuselage side and the inside skin so the brake line should be able to bend down slightly and pass under the floor OK.

While I was at it I cut out the sound proofing and put in some edge grommet where the fuel lines will run out to the wings. I saw that the factory uses this hole and the one above, but I’m hoping I can get everything through the one hole. I ordered the fuel hoses from Summit Racing as well so I’ll see if it will all fit soon. Also will need to run some wiring for the strobes, landing, and taxi lines as well. Those will all come into a CPC connector. I should have probably cut the holes out for the flaps and aileron push rods as well… oh well can do that in a bit.

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