Trim Tab Hinge Pin

Time: 1hr

I wanted to secure the hinge pin for the trim tab, but the way my hinge was cut from the factory it wouldn’t allow me to do it the typical way other builds are securing it which is by drilling a small hole on either end of the hinge and then after inserting the pin putting safety wire through the holes. This keeps the pin in place and if you ever want to remove it you just cut the safety wire and push the pin out using another pin or something smaller diameter. I need to thank Peter V. and Pascal for all the support on this and the great ideas. What I decided to do was the RV style technique by using a longer pin and bending it in a way were you can install some kind of screw of clip to hold the end. I emailed TAF with this idea, but haven’t received a reply yet so I’m waiting to drill the hole for the rivnut. I’ll email them again just to be sure it’s OK to proceed.

Today I bent the hinge pin and made a clip out of the end of another hinge. The last bit is to drill a 4.9mm hole for an M3 rivnut in the side of the elevator rib so that I can attach the clip to the side of the elevator with an M3 screw and some thread lock of course. I actually really like this idea because it makes the pin removal really easy, just unscrew the clip and pull out the pin. It is a tad bit ugly and I did try to put all this on the inside of the trim hinge but there just wasn’t enough room there and the bend in the hinge ping was a very tight 360º bend back on itself. Here’s some photos of the almost finished hinge pin.

Side view. The clip will attach with an M3 screw into a rivnut

Top view


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