Filling and Sanding Rivets (Elevator)

Time: 3 hrs

Filled the rest of the Elevator rivets and sanding all of them. I need to order the trim servo so I can put that in and the connector ends should be here in a day or two so I can finish up the wiring. I wanted to drill the hole in the trim tab piano hinge for the safety wire, but it seems like my hinge is a bit different the other builders. I don’t really have much room to drill the hole. I might be able to drill the end of the wire that sticks out past the end of the hinge and then another hole somewhere close, then I can string a short wire between that and the hole in the hinge wire.. Not the proper way to do it, but it would at least prevent the hinge wire from falling completely out. If anyone has any ideas about how to secure the hinge wire please let me know. Some photos are below that show what I’m talking about

Elevator with rivets all sanded, now just need to finish up the electrical work.

Here’s the right side of the piano hinge. That small triangle bit of aluminum is where I’d have to put the hole for the safety wire. Although it doesn’t need to be a very large hole… a little more the 1/32″ I believe, I still don’t think there’s enough material there.

And this is the left side. There’s a little more material on this side, but it’s in the side that moves so I can’t put it there either. Maybe I can do two holes on one of those larger areas and loop it through… Hmm that might work.

2 thoughts on “Filling and Sanding Rivets (Elevator)

    • Oh yeah thanks… didn’t think of that :-). I really don’t want to remove the hinge since it’s been riveted in so maybe I’ll just buy a new pin and put the bends on each end.


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