Son of Return of the Elevator

Time: 2.5hrs

Worked on the elevator today. The primer had dried for a few days on the right elevator skin so I was able to rivet it onto the skeleton. I used the technique from Pete C’s site (and Peter V,s) to make sure the elevator lined up with the HS. Seems like it lines up very lol now maybe very slightly off (1/32″ or less). I also started to fill the rivets. I’ll be riding the Trim Servo (Ray Allen T2-7A) so I can finalize the HS and Elevators. 

Also used took this time to get the trim tab moving a little better  

Clamped the elevator to the HS… all ready for the right skin to go on. 

All finished. The new skin lined up very well and the clamps helped with the HS alignment. Now just need the trim servo and the connector ends to finish these up… oh and also need to fill and sand the rivets. 

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