TOGA Button… Work in Progress

I thought I’d share this idea to see if I can get some feedback from other builders. I found a  DPDT (couldn’t find a DPST) switch small enough to fit nicely in the end of the throttle handle. I just had to remove some of the threads on the switch and will probably use some RTV to hold it in place. I think this would be a very convenient place for the Go Around button so I’m hoping to get this to work. The other idea was to use a button on the control stick, but since a DPST switch is needed (As stated by Garmin) and all the switches in the stick grip are SPST, then I’d have to use a relay and I’d like to avoid that if possible. So with the switch able to fit in the throttle handle I just need to figure out a nice way to route the wiring. I need to run 3 #22 wires so it’s not too large of a bundle. I know I can drill out the center of the throttle handle a bit and get the wire to the throttle arm pretty easy. The hard part is running the wiring down the throttle arm and into the center console. I’m thinking maybe down the back of the arm using a snap on plastic U shaped cover or maybe through a small aluminum tube that’s epoxied onto the arm. Anyways if anyone has any ideas I’d be glad to hear.

The switch fits nice into the bolt hole in the throttle handle and is short enough to allow for the wires to get soldered as well. I purchased the switch from DigiKey, it’s an NKK LP0125CCKW01F (Digikey #360-2524-ND). I believe there’s also red and grey. Now I just need to figure out how to run the 3 #22 wires to it. Fortunately I have an extra throttle handle and arm for hacking…. I mean testing.

5 thoughts on “TOGA Button… Work in Progress

  1. G’day Jim, as the flight director TO/GA pitch attitude targets for take-off & go-around are individually set in the flight director configuration settings, have you considered using a switch activated by either the throttle lever position or the “turbo lever” being activated?

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    • Ahhhh that’s an interesting idea. The turbo lever would be a pretty cool idea. And you could disable in the interface on the G3X. I’ll have to check if you can disable the function in the GTN650, but I believe you can by disabling the discrete input.


    • No not yet. I was possibly go with a suggestion to trigger the TOGA via the boost lever on the throttle. The idea is any time you use the boost lever would be on take off and go around so if it also triggers the TOGA function then that might be optimal. The only issue I have with it is how to label it clearly so someone else knows that TOGA is activated on the boost lever. I may just end up doing a button on the instrument panel as what’s normally done, but I was hoping to do something cooler than that.


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