Horizontal Stabilizer Finalized

Time: 1.5 hrs

Today I checked to make sure the HS was completely straight. I was wondering how I was going to check this. Thinking maybe of using a laser level or make some kind of apparatus like a water level of something, but then there is was on Peter V’s site. Just hang it by the hinges and the use plumb lines down each of the ends… so easy. Anyways the HS checked out to be straight with no visible twists so now when I get the elevator skin I can clamp it to the HS and rivet the skin on and hopefully all will line up nice.

After checking for straightness I just sanded the rivets and pinned the short wire from the tail cone area through the HS to connect to the elevator of the pitch trim servo. The receptacles of the CFC connectors are back ordered so I’ll just have to install that when they come in, but besides that I think the HS is good now.

Rivets all filled and pins on the receptacle side of the wire.

The other rend of the wire with the connector on… might need to add a lightening wire bracket here, but I’ll see when I have the elevator on.


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