Elevator Issues

Time 2.5 hrs

Today I wanted to just check that the empennage fit the fuselage correctly and all components lined up. The idea was to check them, fill and sand the rivets and finish up the wiring so I can call it done (well minus the pitch trim in the HS for now). Well I mounted the HS on the fuselage which went fine. I then attached the elevator to the HS… ah that didn’t go so well. The ends of the elevator were a little off from the HS. I was hoping I could fix it by removing a few rivets then clamp it and rerivet. No such luck. I worked for a while and was able to get it so it was not about 1/8″ off which I was almost was going to say was good enough, but I really wanted to get it perfect. I twisted it a little more to see if I could get the frame to move a bit more under the skin and I guess I pulled a little too hard. The skin bent at the trailing edge (will have to get a photo). Well I think TAF has a skin in Torrance so hopefully it’s only a week or so set back, I’ve got plenty more to do so I’ll just move onto another project while waiting for that part. 

Sling out getting some sun. The garage ceiling isn’t high enough to put the rudder on so I have to fit everything outside. 

When the left side is like this

The right side is like this 😦

Clamped the left side with some wood and a bolt, then pulled most of the rivets from the right side. I was able to get it pretty close to lined up, but then I over did it. 

Well now I need to wait to see if they have a skin at Torrance. I’ll try to remember to get a photo of the skin to detail my handy work :-), such a dumb mistake.