Brake Calipers

Time 0.5hrs

I don’t want the brake calipers to be sitting around because they’ll get lost or damaged so I put them back on the wheels. I’ll have to take the wheel spats off again to do the brake lines and I’ll torque  the caliper bolts then as well. 

The calipers slide into the large holes on the inside of the wheel rim. The new spat brackets allow you access to install or remove be the caliper. 

I put some high temperature anti-seize on the posts that slide into the holes. Don’t get it on the pads though. 

Sorry I forgot to get a photo of the assembled brakes. I’ll get one when I do the brake lines. 


Instrument Panel Test Fit

Time 0.5hrs

Jean gave me an instrument panel a few weeks ago since he knows I have to buy the canopy kit :-). I thought I should see how it fit and what concerns there may be with the control sticks and control stick grips. I also fit the forward top fuselage skin which I thought would be really quick, but I had to do quite a bit of bending to the top rib flanges to get it to fit. I think a bit more bending is needed for a really good fit, but at least most of the holes line up now.

I also noticed that the control sticks are pretty close to the panel and a bit long. I had asked some other builders and a few said they had cut down the sticks a bit. It really depends on the stick grip just how much. Also I have the stick adjusted all the way forward so I think I can extend the control tube a bit and that should move the sticks back. I was originally going to use the Tosten CS8 grips but after looking at another builder’s photo of the gribs and how much they curve forward, I’m thinking they’re not going to work so well. I called Tosten and he said the MS (Military Style) curves quite a bit less and that he knew of a few Slings that had them installed. With that info I think I’ll give those a try. They’re a bit more expensive then the CS8’s and I don’t like them as much, but they can be customized with an array of buttons and other options. The MS grips have a trigger button and a small button on the front, plus a 4 way hat switch just like the CS8. You can also add thumb and palm rests with more buttons so I think I’ll add a thumb button for my AP disconnect and the small front button will be for the Go Around button.

Instrument panel and top forward fuselage skin test fit. The top skin fits very tight against the upper rib, but finally got the bottom holes close after some bending of the rib flanges.

The control sticks will need to be cut and I’m hoping that adjusting the control rods will move the stick back a little so the grips don’t hit the panel. I’ll have to wait to cut them because I don’t have the upholstery for the seats and can’t get an accurate feel for where the gribs will need to be.

This is the configuration I ordered for the Tosten MS gribs. The thumb rest button will be the AP Disconnect and the toggle switch on top will be flaps. My only concern about the flaps switch there is it may get hit by accident so I might try to find a better toggle switch. The grip comes completely apart so you can modify it as you like. The gribs are a bit expensive though, this configuration is just under $200. The right side is the opposite configuration.