Bottom Fuselage Rivet Sanding and Main Wheels

Time: 5hrs

Today I sanded the bottom fuselage rivets. I used the same procedure as the other times, except this time I went back and sanded all the rivets with 800 grit paper which took out the scratches left by the 240 grit paper. I’ll probably go back and do this to the other areas of the fuselage as well. It’s pretty quick, but I’ll need to get a bunch more done scs because they don’t last very long. 

A little hard to see from the photo. The rivet to the right has been cleaned up with 800 grit light sanding while the one on the left was only sanded with the 240 grit. This probably isn’t necessary, I’m sure the paint would fill the fine scratch left by the 240, but it makes me feel better :-). 

I also mounted the wheels on the main gear. Pretty easy except the cotter pin wouldn’t go in on one side. I didn’t bend the pins yet just in case I need to pull the wheels off. I used the grease that came with the kit to grease the two bearings and the nut was tightened just enough so there is no play in the wheel. 

Grease on the inner bearing. Same done to the putter bearing. 

Close up of the mounted wheel. 

Ok so now I just need to get about 5 people together to lift this thing and spin it over on its wheels. I don’t think my jacket rotisserie invention will jack the plane high enough to spin it and I don’t think the garage is high enough either so we’ll have to walk it out and the spin it in the driveway. Should be fun.