Bottom Fuselage Rivets Filled

Time: 2.25 hrs

Today I riveted the main gear channel skin and filled the bottom fuselage rivets. Nothing really interesting to mention, maybe just that the main gear bolts were torqued to 62ft lbs (84Nm). They are M10 Class 12.9 bolts and from what I could find the dry torque value is around 62 ft lbs.

NOTE (01/18/2018): Another builder has verified with multiple sources from TAF SA that the gear bolts should be torqued to only 18ft lbs (24Nm)

Rivets filled

Main gear channel skin. Doesn’t look so pretty with the plastic still on it. It’s a little difficult to see, but I put the front edge under the other skin and the rear edge over the back skin. Make sure to torque the gear bolts before riveting this on; reason one is the the bolts pull the gear channel in so the skin will bow out if you rivet it first, second the rivet ends get in the way of the nuts so you can’t really tighten them. You might be able to get a box wrench on it, but definitely not a socket wrench.

So now I just need to sand the rivets and put the wheels one, then it can be turned back over and put on it’s wheels.