More Main Wheel Spats

Time: 2.25

Things done today:

  • Finished up filling and priming the rear part of the main wheel spats
  • Primed and filled blemished in the front part of the main wheel spats

I finished dup the priming and fill on the rear portion of the spats that mount to the brackets. The main front parts were pretty good, but I wanted to fill few blemishes. I also noticed that I had a large dent in one of the wheel spats which I didn’t notice prior to doing all the work on it so I was a bit upset to see it know that not only will I have to wait for a new wheel spat but I’d also have to drill and mount all the rivet nuts and fit it again. So I though maybe if I heated up the material and used a cloth to push on it I could get the bump out. I used my heat gun at 400 degrees and carefully heated the inside. I was just about to use the rag to work out the bump and to my amazement I saw the bump disappearing before my eyes. I really couldn’t believe that heating it would have worked so well. In any case bump is completely gone.


Filling some low spots on the main part of the main wheel spats. I just used some epoxy resin then I sand with 320 grit paper.

Rear part of the main spats all filled and primed

Test fitting the main (front) parts of the main wheel spats. The bottom portion fits well, but the top is going to need some work.

Bottom fits well.

Top needs a bit of work. I think when the top edge  is cut back then it will pull in a bit. I’ll wait until the gear is mounted and things are right side up to do that work though.


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