More Filling and Sanding Rivets

Time 1.25 hrs

Just filled and sanded some rivets on the top of the rear fuselage. Not too many rivets so it didn’t take too long. Next I need to roll the fuselage over to the left so I can fill the right side. After that is the hard part of rolling the fuselage over so I can fill the bottom rivets. I’m not exactly sure how I’m going to do that yet. I’m thinking of maybe hanging it from the garage rafters with some straps with Come-Alongs.


Here’s what I’ve been using to sand the rivets. I’m also using the tool I made (posted in a previous post) that protects the skin when you are sanding the rivet. It’s very quick to sand off the resin. I just sand until I see the rivet get a little brighter which means I’ve sanded all the resin off that doesn’t need to be there. Don’t sand too much because you can sand down the actual rivet. The only issue I have with this is my drill weighs a ton so ideally it would be better to use a lighter drill. I originally was thinking that you want a high RPM drill, but I end up running my drill at around half speed anyways so probably around 800-1000 RPM. It makes the process a bit more controllable with slower RPM.